2009 Harvest Update from Ed King

October 30 2009

As October and harvest come to an end, I am happy to tell you that the grape crop we have just picked is a very high quality one. There is always much that we can do to shape the 2009 wines- starting back in the winter pruning, and coming through to our last thinning of clusters in late summer. Following the fruit into the winery, again- there is much that we do to shape the raw material nature has provided into the beautiful, delicious wines that we will enjoy next year, and for many years after. But still, much is beyond our control. The climate, the microclimate- the long hot days of July and August, the water held and yielded from deep in our Jory and Bellpine soils, and the very DNA of the vine itself- all of these mysteries beyond our control- they are also captured in the wines of the vintage.

Ice on the Vine

So every vintage tells a story. Many stories. And as this 2009 vintage unfolds, we will tell you what we are seeing and tasting, and we can all enjoy the older vintages as we wait. Our very best to you and yours as the holidays roll around.