Helping Oregon Environmental Council Protect Children from Toxics

January 28 2011

Ed King's matching gift raises $30,000 to help Oregon Environmental Council protect children from toxics in our environment

In September 2010, King Estate made a matching pledge to Oregon Environmental Council in an effort to raise money to support their work protecting Oregonian’s from environmental toxics. Our $10,000 challenge helped OEC raise an additional $20,000 in contributions.

These combined donations make up $30,000 that will help fund OEC’s efforts to ban BPA from children’s products and fund other initiatives. We at King Estate hope it might help the critical efforts to raise awareness of toxic chemicals in our environment, and inspire others to take action.

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The following interview is taken from Oregon Environmental Council’s community profiles. You can view it on OEC’s website at this link.

It’s Your Oregon: Ed King

It's Your Oregon: Ed King “ ‘It’s Your Oregon’ means ‘It’s Your Responsibility,’” says Ed King, CEO and founder of King Estate Winery. Ed believes that every Oregonian has a responsibility to be a steward of Oregon’s environment.

“There have been people who have come before us who have protected our quality of life here, and there are people who will come after us,” says Ed. “Oregon belongs to each and every one of us, and we have a responsibility to protect the ecology and the environment to the best of our abilities.”

Ed practices this ethic with generosity and commitment, both as a former board member to OEC and as a donor. In Winter 2010, Ed issued a challenge to OEC’s donors: he would match every dollar that Oregonians gave until we’d raised $20,000 to support OEC’s work protecting children from toxics in our environment.

“Through OEC’s hard work, Oregon continues to be on the cutting edge of creatively and effectively addressing pressing environmental issues.”

“OEC does work that needs to be done and does work that no one else is doing,” Ed explains. And because toxics in our environment is an issue of importance to Ed, he supports OEC’s work both to educate people about the dangers of exposure to BPA and to work for legislation ensuring that baby bottles and sippy cups are BPA-free.

“Understanding the prevalence of toxics in our environment, our food chain and our everyday consumer products is necessary to create effective means to remove those toxics and reduce our exposure to them.”

“I like that OEC is a grassroots organization,” says Ed. “OEC represents the voice of people all over the state who care about our quality of life here and want to work to protect it. OEC also gives Oregon an opportunity to bring leadership to environmental issues that other states and the federal government may not be addressing.”

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