King Estate Executive Chef Michael Landsberg Goes to Tokyo

February 23 2012

King Estate Executive Chef Michael Landsberg Has Been Invited to Prepare a Gala Dinner at the Four Seasons Tokyo, Japan

This April, at the invitation of the Four Seasons Hotel at Marunouchi, in Tokyo, Japan King Estate Executive Chef Michael Landsberg will spend a week in Tokyo preparing several special meals at this prestigious hotel. Chef Landsberg is honored to accept this invitation, and we can’t wait to see what inspiration he finds on the road to bring back to our own estate restaurant! The guest appearance will include the presentation of a number of lunches and dinners, several cooking classes, and will culminate with a delectable 5 course gala dinner.

Belgian Endive Salad:
blue cheese, candied hazelnuts, clementine vinaigrette

Cured Warm Foie Gras:
rum and apple cider sherry sauce

Roasted Scallops:
garden leeks, house cured bacon, aromatique sauce

Seared Local Duck Breast:
young potatoes, celeriac, dried prunes, baby bok choy,
sauce of orange jam and ginger

Lemon Buttermilk Panna Cotta:
poached seasonal fruits and berries

Each course will be thoughtfully paired with a Northwest wine from our critically acclaimed portfolio. King Estate Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir pair exceptionally well with Japanese cuisine, especially sushi! For ongoing coverage of Chef Landsberg’s expedition including photos and other media, follow us on Facebook.

View the exquisite menu in the gallery below: