King Estate Winery Unveils Wine on Tap at their Visitor Center Near Eugene, OR

July 10 2012

King Estate Unveils Wne on Tap at its Eugene Oregon Tasting Room

In late June we unveiled a four tap wine keg system in our visitor’s center about 20 miles southwest of Eugene, Oregon. Wine on tap is a popular new trend and King Estate is at the forefront of this innovative wine service technology. By pouring from a keg, restaurant and bar owners will be able to avoid wasting wine due to spoilage, and help the environment by cutting down on the transport and disposal of glass bottles, corks, and other packaging. The kegs are sanitized and refilled, and wine keeps in the keg for over 6 months. A keg can hold the equivalent of 26 bottles of wine, or about 130 five-ounce glasses.

Currently Available on Tap at King Estate:
2011 Acrobat Oregon Pinot Gris
2011 Acrobat Oregon Pinot Noir

Coming Soon:
2011 NxNW Horse Heaven Hills Chardonnay
2011 NxNW Horse Heaven Hills Riesling

David Whitney of Draft Doctor installed the system. He said that one year ago he was installing maybe one wine on tap system in the Oregon and Washington area every six months. “Now I’m installing three or four a week,” he said. Wine requires a special type of stainless steel that resists corrosion that could be caused by the acidity of the wine. This ensures that the wine in each keg is perfectly identical to the wine in the bottle and that the first glass is the same as the last.

Our dining room manager Aaron Blair is excited about the visitor center’s new addition. “We’re showcasing wine on tap here, but we really want to see this in restaurants across the country,” he said. “King Estate is setting the standard high with everything from how we’re distributing it, to how the label is represented on the tap handle.”

Wine educator Josh Massie agrees and is hearing a lot of positive feedback from visitors. “It’s an innovation that is really taking off. Wine on tap is a sustainable way to serve large quantities of wine,” he said. Also, pouring from a tap is easier on his hands than opening bottles packaged with cork and capsule, he added.