Oregon Breaks New Ground in Wine & Spirits List of Best Selling Restaurant Wines

March 13 2011

Oregon Breaks New Ground in Wine & Spirits Annual Restaurant Poll of the Most Popular Wine Brands

Led by King Estate Winery, Oregon makes breakthrough in Wine & Spirits Magazine’s Annual Restaurant Poll:

Each year Wine & Spirits Magazine surveys sommeliers and beverage managers at America’s top Zagat-rated restaurants. The survey asks them to examine 4th quarter sales and list their best selling overall brands and products by category. The survey shows the top performing brands in America’s top restaurants, a key slice of data that reveals much about the strength of a brand in one of the most competitive environments for wine sales.

Last year Oregon set a new record for the state with three wineries in the Top 50 Brands and this year did one better with a total of four. Those wineries are:

12. King Estate
32. Elk Cove
43. Domaine Drouhin
49. Argyle

For many years King Estate has done well in this poll, outperforming much larger California wineries like Mondavi and Kendall-Jackson. In the 22nd Annual Restaurant Poll which will appear in the April issue of Wine & Spirits Magazine, King Estate continues that trend by achieving the highest overall ranking for an Oregon winery in the history of the poll.

“Oregon’s performance in this survey is outstanding. I think when an Oregon winery has entered the higher ranks of a poll like this, it is fair to say that our industry has really won popular acceptance across the country. Great things are ahead.” – Ed King

King Estate Winery’s rankings in this year’s survey are as follows:

#12 Overall Most Popular Wine Brand
#2 Most Popular Pinot Gris/Grigio
#11 Most Popular Pinot Noir

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