Raising a Glass of Oregon Beverage to… Oregon Beverage? Yes! Cheers.

December 10 2012

Buy Oregon Beverages!

Oregon’s beverages have reached a visible maturity point where not only are they crafted with care by fully realized businesses, but their quality has moved well beyond that of the cottage industries they once were. Our beverages are finding widespread success not only in the Americas, but all over the world. It is likely that Oregon beverages have found their way to each and every continent on the globe.

At one point in time there may have been a valid rationale for Oregonians to seek fine beverage from other parts of the world, where they could find better quality at a better price, but we are here to say that this rationale no longer holds true. While the quality of Oregon’s fine beverages have grown by leaps and bounds, our pricing has moved to meet the customer. Oregon beverages deliver tremendous value, quality, and consistency. An Oregonian no longer need look any further than their own backyard to find the best products at the best prices, crafted with care for those that drink them, those that make them, and the environment we all share.

When we consider these things, we realize that our beverage producers are meaningful on their own to Oregonians beyond just the products they produce and market. Oregon beverages means jobs in our communities, and not just any jobs, they often mean rural agricultural jobs, which are a very scarce thing. Many of these jobs help our citizens develop strong modern skill sets and pay a true family wage compensation, paving the way for a stable, prosperous, and progressive future for our state.

Oregon’s increasing success is being recognized as a brand in and of itself. A brand that succinctly conveys food and beverage excellence. This reputation precedes us all, and is spurring a tourism and hospitality boom that has ripple effects throughout the state, bringing in a high quality dollar that is not based on resource extraction like mining or logging. It often brings with it a tourist who appreciates the finer things, and goes home only to become an advocate and consumer of Oregon products for life. This isn’t merely a data point, it is a trend with great force behind it, this is a growing opportunity for Oregon.

The next time you reach for a beverage, you should ask yourself, was this made in Oregon? Does it help me and my neighbors? Because believe it or not, every drop of “Oregon in a bottle” that you buy, does us all a big favor.

Ed King,

CEO & Co-Founder
King Estate Winery