Coverage of January's Crab Fest & Registration For The March Encore

January 29 2013

King Estate Crab Fest 2013 Pinot Gris And Crab

Here at King Estate, we think that Dungeness Crab and Pinot Gris are a perfect match, and our guests at this year’s Crab Fest surely agree. This year, we were able to source the 3,000 lbs of fresh Oregon Dungeness Crab from our restaurant’s fisherman Jacob Farrens of Oregon Pride Seafood, who fishes out of Charleston, Oregon. The 2013 Dungeness Crab season started late, but is proving to be bountiful and delicious, and a late start means a late finish which lends itself to an encore presentation in March.

Crab Fest 2013 sold out quickly, leaving many hungry would-be-patrons disappointed, so we have decided to host an encore event in March! Mark your calendar for March 9-10 and 16-17, and enjoy unlimited Dungeness Crab and Pinot Gris. We’ve added an oyster bar and bubbly Blanc de Gris to the menu. Make sure to reserve your spot online, because this special event will once again sell out quickly.

King Estate's First Snow Day of the Winter

January 06 2013

Oregon's Willamette Valley Gets First Snow of the Season

Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley (aka the place we call home) experienced an early snowfall a couple of weeks ago which blanketed the winery in a glistening layer of snow. Enjoy these photographs taken by employees Christina Miles, Jessie Russell, Danielle Lewis, Rick Harder, and others.

Did you see us on ABC's Saturday Night Football?

December 21 2012

King Estate Oregon Wines featured on Saturday Night Football Oregon vs Stanford

On November 17th, the Oregon Ducks suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Stanford Cardinal. Stanford upset the Ducks winning by a 37 yard field goal in overtime. It was an unfortunate loss that was felt deeply by Duck fans everywhere as it derailed their path to the BCS Championship. We are sure that next year the Ducks will be back at it again, resuming their dogged pursuit of a BCS National Title, and continuing their meteoric rise to legendary college football status.

While the loss was somber, we couldn’t help but be elated to see our own winery featured during the nationally televised primetime broadcast, with beautiful shots of the property, our facility, and our wine as well as some hefty endorsement from the hosts of the broadcast.

Watch the video above to see the clip of King Estate that was featured during the broadcast, it was a very proud moment for us at the winery, and we would love to share it with all of you.

King Estate Gingerbread Winery Time Lapse Video

December 14 2012

King Estate Winery - Gingerbread Winery for the Holiday - Gingerbread House
This year, Pastry Chef Rebecca Liddle Maglangque went all-out on her annual King Estate gingerbread winery replica. This year, it reaches 4 feet long x 2 feet wide, mounted on two 2′x2′ boards, including the South Tower, the main winery building, the old tasting room tower, and the Visitors’ Center. If Rebecca had made the entire winery to scale, it would be 8 feet long (there’s always next year)!

Raising a Glass of Oregon Beverage to… Oregon Beverage? Yes! Cheers.

December 10 2012

Buy Oregon Beverages!

Oregon’s beverages have reached a visible maturity point where not only are they crafted with care by fully realized businesses, but their quality has moved well beyond that of the cottage industries they once were. Our beverages are finding widespread success not only in the Americas, but all over the world. It is likely that Oregon beverages have found their way to each and every continent on the globe.

At one point in time there may have been a valid rationale for Oregonians to seek fine beverage from other parts of the world, where they could find better quality at a better price, but we are here to say that this rationale no longer holds true. While the quality of Oregon’s fine beverages have grown by leaps and bounds, our pricing has moved to meet the customer. Oregon beverages deliver tremendous value, quality, and consistency. An Oregonian no longer need look any further than their own backyard to find the best products at the best prices, crafted with care for those that drink them, those that make them, and the environment we all share.

When we consider these things, we realize that our beverage producers are meaningful on their own to Oregonians beyond just the products they produce and market. Oregon beverages means jobs in our communities, and not just any jobs, they often mean rural agricultural jobs, which are a very scarce thing. Many of these jobs help our citizens develop strong modern skill sets and pay a true family wage compensation, paving the way for a stable, prosperous, and progressive future for our state.

Oregon’s increasing success is being recognized as a brand in and of itself. A brand that succinctly conveys food and beverage excellence. This reputation precedes us all, and is spurring a tourism and hospitality boom that has ripple effects throughout the state, bringing in a high quality dollar that is not based on resource extraction like mining or logging. It often brings with it a tourist who appreciates the finer things, and goes home only to become an advocate and consumer of Oregon products for life. This isn’t merely a data point, it is a trend with great force behind it, this is a growing opportunity for Oregon.

The next time you reach for a beverage, you should ask yourself, was this made in Oregon? Does it help me and my neighbors? Because believe it or not, every drop of “Oregon in a bottle” that you buy, does us all a big favor.

Ed King,

CEO & Co-Founder
King Estate Winery

Bring a Sparkle to Your Holiday with Blanc de Gris & Blanc de Noirs

December 07 2012

Enjoy two special new releases this holiday season. These brut-style sparkling wines are made in the traditional Méthode Champenoise. Both are from the 2008 vintage and produced in limited quantities.

2008 Domaine Blanc de Gris

This sparkling Pinot Gris comes exclusively from organically-grown estate fruit. Its citrusy notes are nicely complimented by toasty vanilla & caramel undertones and a round finish.

$35 bottle / $29.75 Tower Club
$378 case / $357 Tower Club

2008 Blanc de Noirs

A traditional brut sparkling wine from predominantly estate fruit. Toasty floral aromas meet lemon, spice and apple on the palate, followed by a complex, lingering finish.

$45 bottle / $38.25 Tower Club
$486 case / $459 Tower Club

Ground shipping is included when you by case or more.  Just add the bottles to your cart.

Photos of an Oregon Autumn at King Estate Winery

December 05 2012

Autumn at King Estate Winery Photo Gallery

Only the most stubborn autumn leaves remain on our vines this time of year. As the end of autumn nears, we offer a photo gallery of some of the season’s beautiful colors, and bid it farewell as we prepare to welcome winter to the estate.

You're Invited to Crab Fest 2013 at King Estate

November 19 2012

King Estate Crab Fest 2013 and Oregon Tradition. Dungeness Crab and Oregon Pinot Gris

King Estate Hosts Food for Lane County's Empty Bowls Dinner & Auction

November 12 2012

King Estate Hosted the 9th Annual Food for Lane County Empty Bowls Dinner

On the evening of October 13th, King Estate Winery hosted Food for Lane County’s 9th Annual Empty Bowls Dinner and Auction. Over 300 people attended the event, which raised more than $250,000 to directly fight hunger in Lane County, a record for the event. Ed and Jodee King were the events chairs, working closely with the FFLC board and event committee to put this fantastic evening together. All 8 of the prior Empty Bowls dinners were hosted at the FFLC warehouse, and this 9th annual event marked the first time it had been hosted at an offsite facility. Last year King Estate was honored to send our culinary team and ingredients from our estate to the FFLC warehouse, and this year Ed & Jodee were delighted to invite all of the Empty Bowls guests and FFLC staff to the estate. The evening began with the video introduction we made (see below), and a silent auction with drinks and appetizers, followed by a 5-course dinner with wine pairings and a live auction. You can also check out the video we put together for the event last year, which includes interviews from the farmers and ranchers from which King Estate sourced ingredients for the dinner.

Set Your Thanksgiving Table with King Estate & NxNW Wines

November 07 2012

Oregon Wine for Thanksgiving Get a Deal on a Mixed Case from King Estate

Here’s how it works: the more you buy the more you save with these progressive discounts. We’ve put together a mixed package, 6 great wines, that offers something for everyone at the table. Save 10% on 6 bottles, 15% on 12 bottles, and 20% on 24 bottles. Plus, Tower Club members save an ADDITIONAL 15% with their member coupon.

2008 Blanc de Gris
This sparkling Pinot Gris is a great apéritif, or save it for the toasts.

2011 Signature Pinot Gris
A tried & true food wine, and an excellent pairing with turkey.

2010 Signature Pinot Noir
This classic Pinot pairs with just about everything on the menu.

2011 Signature Chardonnay
Mashed potatoes? Check. Stuffing? Check. Cranberry Sauce? Check.

2009 NxNW Columbia Valley Cabernet
For the heartier dishes and gravy-lovers, a must-have at the table.

2011 NxNW Dessert Riesling
Finish with this sweet dessert wine.

OR/WA/ID/CA – Order by 11:00 AM PST Monday, 11/19 for delivery by Thanksgiving.
All Other States – Order by 11:00 AM PST Wednesday, 11/14 for delivery by Thanksgiving.

Missed this deadline? Call us at 800-884-4441, ext 102 to discuss  your options.

Tower Club Members: Shop using coupon code “TCDISCOUNT”. Membership status will be verified.