King Estate Crowned "Best Wine" in Eugene Weekly's Best of Eugene

November 06 2012

King Estate is the Best Wine in Eugene Oregon according to Eugene Weekly's Best of Eugene

For the second year in a row, Eugene Weekly’s The Best of Eugene awarded it’s “Best Wine” title to King Estate Winery. Last year, King Estate also won “Best Winery to Visit” (a category that was not featured this year) and Eugene weekly wrote, “You can’t go wrong with the pinot gris, and the cost won’t break the bank. For a nice long bike ride, or a destination to bring out-of-town friends, a trip to King Estate’s rolling hills, winery and restaurant is the way to go. You can do a wine tour, have a wine tasting and end it all with a delicious dinner.”

The Best of Eugene is an annual special issue of Eugene Weekly. The winners are determined based on community voting. We would like to thank everyone who voted for us!

King Estate Hosts Cascades Raptor Center's Annual Fundraising Event

November 05 2012

King Estate Oregon Winery Pinot Gris Pinot Noir Raptor Event Owl Hawk Eagle

On the evening of September 29th, King Estate winery hosted Cascades Raptor Center’s 2nd Annual Benefit Dinner. The benefit’s 93 guests enjoyed a 5 course meal with wine pairings, and got the opportunity to get up close and personal with a few of CRC’s resident birds of prey, like Dmitri the Eagle Owl.

This year, the focus of the event was to introduce CRC’s Flight Training Arena Project and to raise funds towards construction costs.  CRC regularly receives phone calls from the public inquiring about flight shows, which, without a dedicated space, they are currently unable to provide. Regular flight opportunities would not only attract more visitors to their nature center (which already sees 15,000+ general public visitors annually) and greatly enhance the visitor experience, it would also provide irreplaceable enrichment and training benefits to the wildlife hospital’s resident education birds.

Bartlett Pear Harvest at King Estate

October 29 2012

King Estate Winery Organic Pear Harvest Oregon Wine Pinot Noir Pinot Gris

At King Estate we are best known for our wines, but we also have over 30 acres of organic orchards and gardens which produce a variety or fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Much of the estate harvest is used in our bakery and restaurant, but a considerable amount is also donated to FOOD for Lane County. This year’s Bartlett Pear harvest proved to be plentiful, and we were able to donate approximately 10,800 pounds of pears to the local food bank. Bartlett Pears have to be picked from the tree before they are ripe in order to avoid a pithy texture. We harvested approximately 10.5 tons of the delicious fruit, which took 10 people about 18 hours to pick. 5,092 pounds were sold to a distributor for the Bethel and 4-J school districts, 200 pounds went directly to The Village School, a charter school in Eugene, and 175 pounds went to a CSA based in Bend. The remaining pears were purchased by employees and of course used in our estate restaurant and bakery.

Photos & More from the 2012 Tower Club Harvest Moon Celebration

October 17 2012

2012 Harvest Moon Celebration for the King Estate Wine Club, Eugene Oregon Tower Club

In the company of good friends, the King Estate Tower Club celebrated the season’s bounty at the 7th Annual Harvest Moon Celebration on Friday, September 14th, 2012. Once again we gathered en masse for an evening of fine food & wine, live music by Liesl Brooks, and the company of CEO Ed King and our head winemaker Jeff Kandarian.

The celebration’s menu featured fresh produce from our estate orchards, gardens, charcuterie kitchen, and bakery, supplemented by the high quality ingredients of three key vendors: fisherman Jacob Farrens of Oregon Pride Seafood, artisan cheesemaker Mariano Battro of La Mariposa, and rancher John Neumeister of Cattail Creek Lamb. These vendors gave special tastes of their products at the reception, and joined us for dinner.

Each of the evening’s courses, designed by Chef Benjamin Nadolny, was carefully considered and paired with a selection from our wine library.

2012 Harvest Begins at King Estate Winery

September 29 2012

Harvest begins at King Estate Winery in Oregon 2012

On Saturday morning around 4AM at King Estate Winery near Eugene, Oregon we officially began harvest for the 2012 vintage on our own organic estate. This marks our 21st vintage since our inception in 1991 and our first harvest in 1992. Two crews harvested over 20 tons of Pinot Noir from a vineyard block near the solar panels on the northeast side of the property. Vineyard Manager Meliton Marinez was impressed, “I’m very pleased with the maturity and ripening of the fruit. We’re having a really good year, and the weather forecast is promising,” he said. The start of harvest is an exciting time at King Estate, and crews will be working 24/7 to process the grapes. We began bringing in grapes from off-site vineyards during the previous week.

2012 Oregon Growing Season Update for the Third Week of September

September 17 2012

During the growing season, our winemakers closely observe the growth in the vineyard on our organic estate and also venture beyond our own 1,033 acre property to make the rounds all over Oregon and Washington wine country. They do this throughout the summer, visiting the 40+ vineyards that grow grapes for our wines. This update for the third week of September, details their observations thus far on our own organic estate.
During the growing season, our winemakers closely observe the growth in the vineyard on our organic estate and also venture beyond our own 1,033 acre property to make the rounds all over Oregon and Washington wine country. They do this throughout the summer, visiting the 40+ vineyards that grow grapes for our wines. This update for the third week of September, details their observations thus far on our own organic estate.

This week we are starting to see veraison throughout the vineyard. This means we are only weeks away from harvesting at King Estate. Within all the blocks of Pinot Noir we were able to see varying degrees of color. Most blocks are starting to taste more sweet than tart as the acids are traded for sugar. It has been a warm and dry growing season and does not look to be much different of a harvest.

- Christopher Hudson, Assistant Winemaker

Acrobat Pinot Gris and Signature Pinot Noir are Finalists for Snooth's People's Voice Awards

September 15 2012

King Estate Winery is a finalist in the Snooth People's Choice Awards

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Coverage of the 2012 King Estate Wine Club Barbecue

September 14 2012

King Estate Winery Wine Club BBQ The Annual Tower Club BBQ Oregon Wine Pinot Gris PInot Noir

On a perfect summer evening in late July, we had the pleasure of hosting just over 300 wine club members for our annual summer BBQ. Each year we feature a fantastic menu of food and wine, and this year was no exception. Paying tribute to the different styles of BBQ across the country, we served regional specialties from the Pacific Northwest, the Carolinas, Texas and – with a nod to the King Family roots – Kansas.


Salmon with Raspberry Pinot Noir Glaze
Roasted Summer Veggies & Confit Potatoes
Estate Garden Salad


Tri Tip with Estate BBQ Sauce
Aged White Cheddar Mac & Cheese
Bourbon & Brown Sugar Baked Beans


Pulled Pork with Estate BBQ Sauce
Traditional Cole Slaw
Rustic German Potato Salad


Kansas City Style BBQ Ribs
Corn Pudding
Watermelon Salad with Feta & Mint

Making their second straight appearance at this event, Portland band “Five Guys Named Moe” rocked hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s while club members danced the night away. This 12-piece, horn-driven show band is one of our favorites for live entertainment. A good time was had by all and we expect next year to be no different. It sells out every year, so contact Elizabeth Allcott at 541-942-9874 or to make advanced reservations for 2013.

King Estate Winery Restaurant Vendor Profile: Oregon Pride Seafood

September 10 2012

Oregon Pride Seafood Sustainable Food for Oregon's King Estate Winery

Oregon Pride Seafood is a small fishery developed by owner operator Jacob Farrens of Creswell, Oregon. He and his team mostly fish in Charleston, Oregon but they travel all along the Oregon coast in search of superior seafood. While fishing for Chinook Salmon, Jacob uses the line and hook method of capture. This way, out of season fish caught by accident can be safely released. In addition to Oregon Pride Seafood’s sustainable fishing practices, it also participates in salmon research (with Project CROOS) by collecting DNA from each fish it catches and attaching a bar code that can be used to track the fish’s origins and depth of capture. This research is vital to ensure the future of salmon.

Jacob delivers Executive Chef Michael Landsberg and Sous Chef Benjamin Nadolny salmon that has often only been out of the water a few hours, ensuring that the restaurant can serve the freshest fish. King Estate supports local fisherman, free-range ranchers, and organic farmers because seasonality and sustainability are among the restaurant’s main principles.

Estate Organic Vineyard Growing Season Update for September 5th, 2012

September 05 2012

Vineyard Manager Meliton Martinez

At King Estate Winery, where we have over 475 acres of organic grapes planted, the majority of the vineyard blocks are now between 5 and 25% verasion, with some much further ahead.  The following blocks are those that are farthest ahead this year: Block 4G on the south side of the property is at about 85% color, and is planted to Pinot Noir clone 113 on RG rootstock, it was green thinned today. Block 16B near the center of the property, just south of the main winery building is at 75% color. It is planted to Pinot Noir clone 115 on SO4 rootstock and will be green thinned tomorrow. Blocks 28C and 28D are in the far northeast corner of the property, both are planted to Pinot Noir clone 777 on 3309 and 101-14 rootstocks and they are both at about 80% color. It is possible that the entire site will be at 100% veraison by the middle of next week. Currently the property at King Estate has accumulated 1,350 GDD units which puts us close to where we were this time in 2010, however the outlook is much better as it appears that this September will be much dryer. During September 2010 we saw about 2.5 inches of rain during the month, currently the long term forecast for September look very promising, which bodes very well for the 2012 vintage.

Meliton Martinez
Vineyard Manager
King Estate Winery