Coverage of the 2013 King Estate Tower Club Harvest Moon Festival

October 08 2013


In the company of our beloved Tower Club members, we celebrated the season’s bounty at the 8th Annual Harvest Moon Celebration on Friday, September 20th, 2013. Once again we gathered en masse for an evening of fine wine and food live music from a quartet lead by Michael Radliff.

The celebration’s menu featured fresh produce from our estate orchards, gardens, charcuterie kitchen, and bakery, supplemented by the high quality ingredients of three key vendors: fisherman Jacob Farrens of Oregon Pride Seafood, artisan cheesemaker Mariano Battro of La Mariposa, and pork farmers Mark & Kelly Payne of Payne Family Farms. These vendors gave special tastes of their products at the reception, and joined us for dinner.

Each of the evening’s courses, designed by Executive Chef Benjamin Nadolny, was carefully considered and paired with a selection from our wine library.

King Estate Hosts Special Demo and Dinner at Sprout! Kitchen

August 07 2013


Sprout! is a community food hub which strives to increase local food consumption and bolster the local food economy. King Estate Winery’s love for local food and our emphasis on stewardship has made our alignment with this organization a natural fit. King Estate donated a special cooking demo and dinner to Sprout! last spring, as the prize in a fundraising raffle. The event came into fruition this July, and King Estate Executive Chef Benjamin Nadolny was excited about the opportunity to share his passion and expertise with a group of Sprout! supporters. Nadolny conducted his cooking demo and dinner (with wine pairings, of course) at the Sprout! kitchen in Springfield. Twelve lucky guests enjoyed a 5 course meal comprised of locally grown and raised food products. The menu included:

Pastoral Amuse Bouche: ewe’s milk cheese, duck breast prosciutto, red beet, quail egg
Wine pairing: 2008 Blanc de Gris

Whiskey and Cherry Cured Salmon: pickled apricot, summer chive, curried kettle corn, cherry pinot gris ice
Wine pairing: 2011 Signature Pinot Gris

Baby Garden Vegetables: homemade ricotta, rosé mascerated strawberries, sprouted mustard seed
Wine pairing: 2012 Acrobat Rose

Seared Ling Cod: lamb belly bacon, morel mushroom, braised turnips, blueberry and pinot noir gastrique, balsamic marinated cucumber Wine pairing: 2011 Signature Pinot Noir

Dry Aged Filet of Beef: grilled asparagus and parmesan panzanella, red wine demi glace
Wine pairing: 2010 NxNW Columbia Valley Syrah

Flourless Chocolate Cake: brandied cherries, sea salt and caramel
Wine pairing: 2010 NxNW Columbia Valley Syrah


Sprout! promotes economic development through the support of emerging entrepreneurs and increased consumption of locally produced food through Kitchen@Sprout! -an incubator kitchen for use by small food-based businesses and farmers for value-added production. Marketplace@Sprout! is an indoor/outdoor year-round farmers’ market for retailing of locally produced food and related items. Hatch@Sprout! is a business incubator focused on the needs of the food industry.  Services include classes, workshops, one on one coaching, mentor groups, affordable office space, access to capital and more. Events@Sprout! provides the entire Sprout! facility to the public for event rental.

Foraging in Oregon: Mushroom and Truffle Hunting with Executive Chef Benjamin Nadolny

March 07 2013

Foraging in Oregon: Mushroom and Truffle Hunting with Executive Chef Benjamin Nadolny

King Estate Executive Chef Benjamin Nadolny moved to Oregon eager to forage in the state’s lush forests. With it’s moist and mild climate, the Willamette Valley provides the perfect environment for fungus to fruit. The mycelium works as mycorrhizal, creating a symbiotic relationship with the roots of trees. Chef Nadolny started out hunting morels and chanterelles, then once he met local fungi expert Joe Spivack, he began to look for white truffles. Spivack has been providing The Restaurant at King Estate with locally foraged fungi since its inception. “Joe’s commitment to providing the best mushrooms from the woods plays a great role in the quality of our food at King Estate,” Nadolny said. “Joe helps me enrich the lives of my cooks by taking them on truffle forays and expanding their knowledge on the subject of mycology. This is important to us because most of our staff are culinary students and continuing their education is a part of our job.” Last year’s long, dry summer was perfect for the development of the grapes at King Estate, but not so great for fungi growth. It was an especially bad year for chanterelles, but that didn’t stop Nadolny and Spivack from looking for them.

Recently, the two went on a truffle foray at a top secret location near the winery. It’s on private land that Spivack has acquired permission to hunt on. “White truffles have a relationship with the trees,” Spivack said. “They really like to associate with young Douglas Fir trees, which is the most common tree in the Willamette Valley.” A good place to look for white truffles would be in a young Douglas Fir forest (10-30 year old trees) that was planted on land previously used as pasture, because it doesn’t have existing fungi that would compete with truffles. “It’s best to hunt with someone who has some experience, who can tell the difference between truffles and other underground fungi that are not edible,” Spivack said. It’s also important to be careful not to wander onto private property without permission. Gently rake a thin layer of pine needles and soil in a prime spot, and keep a look out for the delicate white truffles.

At King Estate, we celebrate Oregon food culture. Oregon white truffles are something Oregonian’s are proud of as Italians and French people have their own species of truffles. Locally foraged mushrooms and truffles are especially tasty when paired with Oregon wine. “The earthy, pine aromas of the chanterelles and porcini are nicely accented by the fruit and spice nuances of our pinot noir,” said Nadolny. “Shavings of raw porcini and white matsutake have a lighter, woodsy flavor that brings out the crisp apple and pear flavors of our pinot gris. A mushroom tastes best when the purity of the texture and flavor are preserved, which also makes it better to pair with our wines. Sometimes that might include just a light sauté and a splash of reisling, or a slow braise into a rich ragout to serve with a cabernet. Porcini, White Matsutake, and truffles we usually serve raw, shaved fresh, or coated with a touch of olive oil. Our morels we cooks with a little bit of butter fat, a rich olive oil, or cream to bring forward the nutty richness of this delicious spring mushroom.”

Currently, the restaurant is shaving white truffles fresh over the frisee salad with duck confit. Next week, the culinary team will be shaving them over confit asparagus with a quail egg. During the peak season they were offered complimentary over every dinner entrée.

King Estate Winery's Executive Chef Ben Nadolny

February 06 2013

King Estate Chef Ben Nadolny in Kitchen
King Estate Winery Executive Chef Ben NadolnyThere’s a feeling at King Estate that’s undeniable. It’s a passion for excellence that is apparent with each person you meet, and is especially evident concerning the most recent promotion of Ben Nadolny to Executive Chef at King Estate.

Executive Chef Ben Nadolny began his King Estate career as Sous Chef in 2007, shortly after the restaurant opened its doors, and was promoted to Executive Chef in 2012. His enthusiasm for seasonal, local, wild, and sustainably managed ingredients perfectly complements King Estate’s philosophy of pairing Northwest wines with regional food products. “I believe Ben is the hardest working, most inspired chef in the Northwest, and a very creative culinary thinker as well,” noted Ed King, CEO at King Estate.

Coverage of January's Crab Fest & Registration For The March Encore

January 29 2013

King Estate Crab Fest 2013 Pinot Gris And Crab

Here at King Estate, we think that Dungeness Crab and Pinot Gris are a perfect match, and our guests at this year’s Crab Fest surely agree. This year, we were able to source the 3,000 lbs of fresh Oregon Dungeness Crab from our restaurant’s fisherman Jacob Farrens of Oregon Pride Seafood, who fishes out of Charleston, Oregon. The 2013 Dungeness Crab season started late, but is proving to be bountiful and delicious, and a late start means a late finish which lends itself to an encore presentation in March.

Crab Fest 2013 sold out quickly, leaving many hungry would-be-patrons disappointed, so we have decided to host an encore event in March! Mark your calendar for March 9-10 and 16-17, and enjoy unlimited Dungeness Crab and Pinot Gris. We’ve added an oyster bar and bubbly Blanc de Gris to the menu. Make sure to reserve your spot online, because this special event will once again sell out quickly.

King Estate Gingerbread Winery Time Lapse Video

December 14 2012

King Estate Winery - Gingerbread Winery for the Holiday - Gingerbread House
This year, Pastry Chef Rebecca Liddle Maglangque went all-out on her annual King Estate gingerbread winery replica. This year, it reaches 4 feet long x 2 feet wide, mounted on two 2′x2′ boards, including the South Tower, the main winery building, the old tasting room tower, and the Visitors’ Center. If Rebecca had made the entire winery to scale, it would be 8 feet long (there’s always next year)!

You're Invited to Crab Fest 2013 at King Estate

November 19 2012

King Estate Crab Fest 2013 and Oregon Tradition. Dungeness Crab and Oregon Pinot Gris

King Estate Winery Restaurant Vendor Profile: Oregon Pride Seafood

September 10 2012

Oregon Pride Seafood Sustainable Food for Oregon's King Estate Winery

Oregon Pride Seafood is a small fishery developed by owner operator Jacob Farrens of Creswell, Oregon. He and his team mostly fish in Charleston, Oregon but they travel all along the Oregon coast in search of superior seafood. While fishing for Chinook Salmon, Jacob uses the line and hook method of capture. This way, out of season fish caught by accident can be safely released. In addition to Oregon Pride Seafood’s sustainable fishing practices, it also participates in salmon research (with Project CROOS) by collecting DNA from each fish it catches and attaching a bar code that can be used to track the fish’s origins and depth of capture. This research is vital to ensure the future of salmon.

Jacob delivers Executive Chef Michael Landsberg and Sous Chef Benjamin Nadolny salmon that has often only been out of the water a few hours, ensuring that the restaurant can serve the freshest fish. King Estate supports local fisherman, free-range ranchers, and organic farmers because seasonality and sustainability are among the restaurant’s main principles.

King Estate Winery at the 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference

August 26 2012

King Estate Dinner @ 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference

Over the past few years we were in touch with the organizers of the International Wine Bloggers’ Conference and the North America Wine Bloggers’ Conference, trying to persuade them to bring the latter to Oregon for the first time. When they announced that Portland had been selected as the host city for the 2012 conference, we were ecstatic. We knew that it would likely be quite some time before the conference returned to Oregon, so we made a decision to go all out, take a major contingent from our team up North to Portland and show those bloggers what we do. On the day of the event, we loaded up the vans with lots of people, wine, and all of the ingredients for a 5 course epicurean experience King Estate style. The evening was a runaway success; the hashtag #WBC12 even turned out to be the #1 trending topic worldwide on twitter for the entire duration of the dinner!

The meal we produced was the results of months of planning. We realized that it would be a challenge for many of the bloggers to make it the 2+ hours down to our estate (though some did), so we wanted to do our best to bring the estate experience to Portland. We produced a really cool video presentation to play before dinner that introduced the bloggers to the estate, to our chef, and to the proprietors of the local sustainable farms and ranches that provided many of the ingredients for the evening. We also produced video demonstrations of each and every course, and provided all the video and written recipes the microsite The project was virtually a winery wide effort with creativity and work contributed from all corners.

Here’s the video we played to great response:

The meal was 5 courses each with an exquisitely matched wine pairing compliments of Executive Chef Michael Landsberg, Sous Chef Benjamin Nadolny, and the King Estate culinary team. Here are shots of the dishes we served:


As the influence of blogs and social media grow, wine bloggers play an increasingly important role in the wine industry. King Estate was not the only Oregon winery to take advantage of the chance to get to know bloggers and show off our Oregon wines. It would be safe to say that the visiting bloggers are now much more familiar with Oregon Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris across the board. There were so many great wines from so many great Oregon wineries and beyond included at the conference.

King Estate Winery Unveils Wine on Tap at their Visitor Center Near Eugene, OR

July 10 2012

King Estate Unveils Wne on Tap at its Eugene Oregon Tasting Room

In late June we unveiled a four tap wine keg system in our visitor’s center about 20 miles southwest of Eugene, Oregon. Wine on tap is a popular new trend and King Estate is at the forefront of this innovative wine service technology. By pouring from a keg, restaurant and bar owners will be able to avoid wasting wine due to spoilage, and help the environment by cutting down on the transport and disposal of glass bottles, corks, and other packaging. The kegs are sanitized and refilled, and wine keeps in the keg for over 6 months. A keg can hold the equivalent of 26 bottles of wine, or about 130 five-ounce glasses.

Currently Available on Tap at King Estate:
2011 Acrobat Oregon Pinot Gris
2011 Acrobat Oregon Pinot Noir

Coming Soon:
2011 NxNW Horse Heaven Hills Chardonnay
2011 NxNW Horse Heaven Hills Riesling