Did you see us on ABC's Saturday Night Football?

December 21 2012

King Estate Oregon Wines featured on Saturday Night Football Oregon vs Stanford

On November 17th, the Oregon Ducks suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Stanford Cardinal. Stanford upset the Ducks winning by a 37 yard field goal in overtime. It was an unfortunate loss that was felt deeply by Duck fans everywhere as it derailed their path to the BCS Championship. We are sure that next year the Ducks will be back at it again, resuming their dogged pursuit of a BCS National Title, and continuing their meteoric rise to legendary college football status.

While the loss was somber, we couldn’t help but be elated to see our own winery featured during the nationally televised primetime broadcast, with beautiful shots of the property, our facility, and our wine as well as some hefty endorsement from the hosts of the broadcast.

Watch the video above to see the clip of King Estate that was featured during the broadcast, it was a very proud moment for us at the winery, and we would love to share it with all of you.

King Estate Gingerbread Winery Time Lapse Video

December 14 2012

King Estate Winery - Gingerbread Winery for the Holiday - Gingerbread House
This year, Pastry Chef Rebecca Liddle Maglangque went all-out on her annual King Estate gingerbread winery replica. This year, it reaches 4 feet long x 2 feet wide, mounted on two 2′x2′ boards, including the South Tower, the main winery building, the old tasting room tower, and the Visitors’ Center. If Rebecca had made the entire winery to scale, it would be 8 feet long (there’s always next year)!

Raising a Glass of Oregon Beverage to… Oregon Beverage? Yes! Cheers.

December 10 2012

Buy Oregon Beverages!

Oregon’s beverages have reached a visible maturity point where not only are they crafted with care by fully realized businesses, but their quality has moved well beyond that of the cottage industries they once were. Our beverages are finding widespread success not only in the Americas, but all over the world. It is likely that Oregon beverages have found their way to each and every continent on the globe.

At one point in time there may have been a valid rationale for Oregonians to seek fine beverage from other parts of the world, where they could find better quality at a better price, but we are here to say that this rationale no longer holds true. While the quality of Oregon’s fine beverages have grown by leaps and bounds, our pricing has moved to meet the customer. Oregon beverages deliver tremendous value, quality, and consistency. An Oregonian no longer need look any further than their own backyard to find the best products at the best prices, crafted with care for those that drink them, those that make them, and the environment we all share.

When we consider these things, we realize that our beverage producers are meaningful on their own to Oregonians beyond just the products they produce and market. Oregon beverages means jobs in our communities, and not just any jobs, they often mean rural agricultural jobs, which are a very scarce thing. Many of these jobs help our citizens develop strong modern skill sets and pay a true family wage compensation, paving the way for a stable, prosperous, and progressive future for our state.

Oregon’s increasing success is being recognized as a brand in and of itself. A brand that succinctly conveys food and beverage excellence. This reputation precedes us all, and is spurring a tourism and hospitality boom that has ripple effects throughout the state, bringing in a high quality dollar that is not based on resource extraction like mining or logging. It often brings with it a tourist who appreciates the finer things, and goes home only to become an advocate and consumer of Oregon products for life. This isn’t merely a data point, it is a trend with great force behind it, this is a growing opportunity for Oregon.

The next time you reach for a beverage, you should ask yourself, was this made in Oregon? Does it help me and my neighbors? Because believe it or not, every drop of “Oregon in a bottle” that you buy, does us all a big favor.

Ed King,

CEO & Co-Founder
King Estate Winery

Coverage of the 2012 King Estate Wine Club Barbecue

September 14 2012

King Estate Winery Wine Club BBQ The Annual Tower Club BBQ Oregon Wine Pinot Gris PInot Noir

On a perfect summer evening in late July, we had the pleasure of hosting just over 300 wine club members for our annual summer BBQ. Each year we feature a fantastic menu of food and wine, and this year was no exception. Paying tribute to the different styles of BBQ across the country, we served regional specialties from the Pacific Northwest, the Carolinas, Texas and – with a nod to the King Family roots – Kansas.


Salmon with Raspberry Pinot Noir Glaze
Roasted Summer Veggies & Confit Potatoes
Estate Garden Salad


Tri Tip with Estate BBQ Sauce
Aged White Cheddar Mac & Cheese
Bourbon & Brown Sugar Baked Beans


Pulled Pork with Estate BBQ Sauce
Traditional Cole Slaw
Rustic German Potato Salad


Kansas City Style BBQ Ribs
Corn Pudding
Watermelon Salad with Feta & Mint

Making their second straight appearance at this event, Portland band “Five Guys Named Moe” rocked hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s while club members danced the night away. This 12-piece, horn-driven show band is one of our favorites for live entertainment. A good time was had by all and we expect next year to be no different. It sells out every year, so contact Elizabeth Allcott at 541-942-9874 or towerclub@kingestate.com to make advanced reservations for 2013.

King Estate Winery at the 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference

August 26 2012

King Estate Dinner @ 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference

Over the past few years we were in touch with the organizers of the International Wine Bloggers’ Conference and the North America Wine Bloggers’ Conference, trying to persuade them to bring the latter to Oregon for the first time. When they announced that Portland had been selected as the host city for the 2012 conference, we were ecstatic. We knew that it would likely be quite some time before the conference returned to Oregon, so we made a decision to go all out, take a major contingent from our team up North to Portland and show those bloggers what we do. On the day of the event, we loaded up the vans with lots of people, wine, and all of the ingredients for a 5 course epicurean experience King Estate style. The evening was a runaway success; the hashtag #WBC12 even turned out to be the #1 trending topic worldwide on twitter for the entire duration of the dinner!

The meal we produced was the results of months of planning. We realized that it would be a challenge for many of the bloggers to make it the 2+ hours down to our estate (though some did), so we wanted to do our best to bring the estate experience to Portland. We produced a really cool video presentation to play before dinner that introduced the bloggers to the estate, to our chef, and to the proprietors of the local sustainable farms and ranches that provided many of the ingredients for the evening. We also produced video demonstrations of each and every course, and provided all the video and written recipes the microsite wbc.kingestate.com. The project was virtually a winery wide effort with creativity and work contributed from all corners.

Here’s the video we played to great response:

The meal was 5 courses each with an exquisitely matched wine pairing compliments of Executive Chef Michael Landsberg, Sous Chef Benjamin Nadolny, and the King Estate culinary team. Here are shots of the dishes we served:


As the influence of blogs and social media grow, wine bloggers play an increasingly important role in the wine industry. King Estate was not the only Oregon winery to take advantage of the chance to get to know bloggers and show off our Oregon wines. It would be safe to say that the visiting bloggers are now much more familiar with Oregon Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris across the board. There were so many great wines from so many great Oregon wineries and beyond included at the conference.

King Estate Winery Unveils Wine on Tap at their Visitor Center Near Eugene, OR

July 10 2012

King Estate Unveils Wne on Tap at its Eugene Oregon Tasting Room

In late June we unveiled a four tap wine keg system in our visitor’s center about 20 miles southwest of Eugene, Oregon. Wine on tap is a popular new trend and King Estate is at the forefront of this innovative wine service technology. By pouring from a keg, restaurant and bar owners will be able to avoid wasting wine due to spoilage, and help the environment by cutting down on the transport and disposal of glass bottles, corks, and other packaging. The kegs are sanitized and refilled, and wine keeps in the keg for over 6 months. A keg can hold the equivalent of 26 bottles of wine, or about 130 five-ounce glasses.

Currently Available on Tap at King Estate:
2011 Acrobat Oregon Pinot Gris
2011 Acrobat Oregon Pinot Noir

Coming Soon:
2011 NxNW Horse Heaven Hills Chardonnay
2011 NxNW Horse Heaven Hills Riesling

King Estate Announces Landmark Deal with Fjord Line of Norway

June 18 2012

King Estate and Fjord Line strike deal to bring Oregon Wine to Europe

King Estate Winery and Fjord Line of Norway have entered into a landmark agreement to carry a number of King Estate wines aboard the Norweigan company’s ships in both restaurants and duty free shops. The agreement will also likely lead to King Estate wines being sold in a select group of duty free shops throughout Europe. These duty free shop are operated by G Heinemann.

Ed King, King Estate CEO and Co-Founder, summed up the significance of this landmark deal with the following statement:

This signals the acceptance of Oregon wines at the highest level of global audience, a European customer that is sophisticated and demanding. Oregon has taken another step up.

The Sheep are Baaaaaack

May 02 2012

The sheep are Baaaaaaack at King Estate Winery in Oregon

Over the last couple of weeks King Estate welcomed 1,500 mini lawn mowers to our 1,033 acre certified organic property. The borrowed sheep quickly eat overgrown grasses and weeds in our vineyard so we don’t have to run our mechanical lawn mowers and weeding equipment, which saves fuel, time, and money. The sheep get free organic food at our all you can eat buffet and add a certain charm to the estate. These furry visitors can only do their job in the early spring before bud break entices them to munch on vines instead of the mustard flowers and knee deep grass. This is our third year bringing in sheep to offset the use of tractors and other machinery that run on fossil fuels, 1,500 sheep is almost three times as many as we have ever had on the property at once. Check out the video above featuring Vineyard Manager Meliton Martinez and the photos below to see the first 700 sheep arrive.

Mutineer Magazine's Mutinous Retreat at King Estate Winery

March 27 2012

Mutineer Magazine's Mutinous Retreat at King Estate Winery

The people behind Mutineer Magazine are a lot of fun to hang out drink with, and we also like the product they put together. Their magazine has interesting stories and beautiful editorial photography by their extremely talented Director of Photography, Portland’s own, Ian Vincent Andreae. A few weeks ago, King Estate hosted Mutineer Magazine’s first winter retreat, where the Mutineers bonded and brainstormed article topics and art for the upcoming year.

Here’s a video detailing their retreat at the winery:

Rescued & Rehabilitated, A Red-tailed Hawk Returns to King Estate

March 10 2012

Rescued & Rehabilitated, A Red-Tailed Hawk Returns to the Organic Vineyard at King Estate Winery

Last September, King Estate vineyard workers noticed an injured Red-tailed Hawk on the estate. Volunteers from the Cascades Raptor Center quickly rescued the bird, which had an infected foot caused by a prey bite. Four months and one amputated toe later, the hawk proved that it was well enough to return home to King Estate where it and other birds of prey play a vital role providing natural pest control. Owls, hawks, and other raptors thrive on our 1,033 certified organic acres because there is no chance of poisoning through the food chain, and there is plenty of room to roam. King Estate Winery and Eugene’s Cascades Raptor Center are proud to hold a unique partnership that allows orphaned and rehabilitated birds of prey a second shot at life in the wild world.