What is Sustainable Food and Drink?

August 12 2010

Food For Thought, a new radio show on Eugene station KLCC 89.7 FM airs on Sundays at noon. The hosts are Boris Wiedenfeld and Ryan Dawe-Stotz. Boris is the manager of Sundance Wine Cellars and Ryan is the “wine and food guy” at Marché Provisions (Marché founder Stephanie Pearl Kimmel was King Estate’s first culinary director). Both are active in the local food and wine community and are dedicated to shedding light on what “sustainability” means and why we should care about it. The guest host of the July 18 episode was Adam Bernstein, executive chef at Adam’s Sustainable Table who is well-known for using local and organic produce. Adam says sustainability is “about being able to create a dynamic where we are able to use renewable resources to have the smallest possible impact on our environment and the world at large, preserving as much for future generations as humanly possible.”

Sheep return to our organic vineyard for more weeding and mowing

March 10 2010

The Sheep At King Estate Winery

Yesterday afternoon marked the return of some of our favorite little farm workers. Sheep are naturally gifted when it comes to weeding, mowing, watering, and fertilizing.

Northwest Palate cover story: Organic Grandeur in King Country

January 15 2010

NW Palate Cover Story on King Estate Winery

From the July & August 2009 issue of Northwest Palate, comes this six page article by Peter Szymczak about King Estate. The article focuses on some of our eco-friendly farming practices, as well as our rapidly growing culinary program. There is beautiful photography by Andrea Johnson throughout, and great Halibut recipe from our Executive Chef Michael Landsberg.

Sheep in our organic vineyard for mowing and weeding

April 03 2009

We currently have 552 sheep grazing on the property, weeding, mowing, and of course they do a bit of fertilizing and watering as well. There is a wide range of breeds but they are mainly Suffolk Sheep and there are about 133 lambs in the flock.