King Estate Raptor Program. Organic pest control.

King Estate is treated as an organic eco-system. We have and encourage a thriving raptor population that aids in pest control by reducing the numbers of pesky rodents and birds that eat grapes. In addition to our native wild raptors we have established a partnership with Cascades Raptor Center by which we offer our estate as an ideal release site for orphaned and rehabilitated birds of prey.

Raptors, also known as birds of prey, are birds that hunt for food primarily on the wing, using their keen senses, especially vision. Any bird that hunts other animals is a raptor. Their talons and beaks are relatively large and powerful.

King Estate is an ideal partner release site for Cascade Raptor Centers birds because we have a large property with highly diverse habitats. Across our 1,033 certified organic acres there are grasslands, forests, and many other natural environments that suit specific birds of prey. The fact that we are organic insures that none of the raptors prey will contain toxic poisons used in “conventional farming”.

How it started: In the summer of 2008 King Estate invited Cascades Raptor Center to conduct an educational seminar and live demonstration on our South Terrace. The event was open to the public and promoted to our mailing list drawing about 200 people. The Raptor center brought 3 of their resident raptors and conducted a 30 minute seminar culminating with the release of a Red-Tailed Hawk to his new home at King Estate. In 2009 we expanded our CRC partnership with the installation of 8 raptor boxes around the property which house CRC rehabbed Barn Owls, Screech Owls, and American Kestrels. The next phase of expansion will include the installation of predator perches throughout the vineyards and new boxes for different types of raptors.

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