Eugene Public Library: Booked for the Evening

August 29 2009

The 2009 Booked for the Evening event that was held on Saturday, August 29, 2009 at King Estate was a tremendous success.  It promised to be a wonderful evening of great food, with superb King Estate wine pairings, sparkling conversation and jazz and pop music to lift the spirits, and it was. The Eugene Public Library Foundation Board could not have asked for a better venue than, King Estate, to create an evening that proved to be worth “booking”.

Sue Ann Hinman
Chair “Booked for the Evening”

Bach Festival Gala Dinner

July 15 2007

A warm summer evening on the terrace at King Estate was the perfect setting for the Oregon Bach Festival’s Closing Night Gala. Every detail was handled to perfection by the staff at King Estate. It was such a successful evening, we have decided to make it an annual event! Thank you!

Betsy Richanbach
President, Oregon Bach Festival Board of Directors

July 15th, 2007