september 25 2017 | ryan johnson

Hard Cider Makes for Easy Drinking

Following up on last fall’s launch of apple hard cider, King Estate recently introduced pear hard cider to its Tasting Room menu.

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september 1 2017 | ryan johnson

Vineyard Update 2017

A message from Director of Viticulture, Ray Nuclo. The 2017 growing season has been nearly ideal, even with the record-breaking temperatures in early August.

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august 3 2017 | jenny

Grapes Take the Heat

If we must have near-record heat in the Lorane Valley, at least Mother Nature picked a good time for it. We humans might complain and head for the shade or air-conditioning, but the grapes should be just fine on the vine.

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july 27 2017 | jenny

The vineyard in bloom

In the vineyard, summer is anything but lazy. Vines are hard at work producing what looks to be another outstanding crop, tended by an equally hard-working crew.

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july 6 2017 | jenny

Egg Arrives at King Estate

Egg-shaped fermentation tanks are proof that what is old can be new again. King Estate decides to experiment with an egg of its own.

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june 8 2017 | jenny

On becoming a locavore

King Estate is as particular about where we buy food as we are about food we grow ourselves. When it comes to nourishing our bodies, every step along the food chain matters. Meet two of our local food-sourcing partners who help us create the King Estate Restaurant experience.

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april 25 2017 | jenny

What's Cooking at King Estate

With spring in bloom, it's time to discover for yourself why The Restaurant at King Estate is garnering so much acclaim, winning hearts and minds one bite at a time. Long before the food is served, its journey from garden to kitchen to table starts right here on the estate itself.

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march 17 2017 | jenny

Terrain: The Third Dimension of Terroir

A vineyard’s terrain influences the fruit it produces as much as soil and climate, yet we don’t hear as much about it. That’s about to change.

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february 6 2017 | jenny

Meet the Winemakers

King Estate's Winemakers talk about what goes into that glass of wine and why they do it.

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january 3 2017 | jenny

Tasting Terroir: The Climate Effect

Every wine region has its own unique climate, and micro-climates, influencing the grapes that grow there. Can you taste this aspect of terroir in the finished wine? You decide.

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