november 28 2016 | jenny

Talking Terroir: The Dirt on Soil

Understanding where a wine comes from adds new dimensions to the whole tasting experience. Turns out we can learn a lot about wine simply from the ground that grows it. And that nothing is ever simple with wine.

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november 18 2016 | jenny

The Perfect Bird

Wine, dine and brine your way to the tastiest turkey ever. Pair your feast with our 2014 King Estate Pinot Noir or 2015 King Estate Domaine Pinot Gris.

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october 11 2016 | jenny

King Estate is the Largest Biodynamic Vineyard in U.S.

King Estate stepped up its commitment to sustainable agriculture by seeking -- and earning -- Biodynamic certification from Demeter USA. Organic since 2002, King Estate is now among a small but growing number of farms and vineyards dedicated to holistic, regenerative agriculture that treats farms as self-sustaining ecosystems.

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october 5 2016 | jenny

Acrobat Pinot Gris is #1 on Top 100 Best Buy List

An Oregon first, Acrobat Pinot Gris produced by King Estate Winery has been named the #1 Best Buy in the world by Wine Enthusiast magazine.

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september 26 2016 | jenny

Acclaimed Acrobat Pinot Gris Pairs Well with Food, and Life

Acrobat Pinot Gris, produced by Oregon's renowned King Estate Winery, is the perfect accompaniment to locally sourced, fresh ingredients from our gardens and purveyors, and yours. See what our chefs have cooking in the King Estate kitchen.

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september 21 2016 | jenny

Harvest 2016, by Winery Operations Manager Ray Nuclo

There is no more exciting time to be on the estate than now, when a year of tending the vineyard culminates in the harvest of 1,200 tons of grapes to make our acclaimed Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Director of Viticulture Ray Nuclo, who is also our Winery Operations Manager, shares his unique view from the vineyard.

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september 9 2016 | jenny

The Story of Block 6A

As Harvest 2016 gets under way at King Estate Winery, a new block of Pinot Noir -- Dijon clone 777 -- is taking root in the vineyard.

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september 1 2016 | jenny

In the Orchard at King Estate

The winery grows more than grapes. Vegetable gardens, flowers, berries and lavender flourish on the estate. And then there are the orchards...!

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september 1 2016 | jenny

Barrel Tasting with Winemaker Spencer Spetnagel: "Best Part of the Job"

Winemaking is part science and part art. Deciding how to mix and manage wines in their barrels is where winemakers' skill and experience is put to the test.

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august 31 2016 | jenny

Busy, buzzy bees

In addition to 465 acres of grapes, King Estate has some 24 acres of organic vegetable gardens, orchards, lavender, berries and flowers -- all of which make the estate not only a paradise for wine and food appreciators, but for bees as well.

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