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The Grill Cook takes orders for grill food items, cooks and prepares the order and gives the order to the expo for plating. Providing quality service is essential to customer satisfaction.

Essential Job Functions:
• Sets up and breaks down the grill station
• Provides friendly and helpful dialogue to FOH staff members regarding menu items
• Responds to ticket calls and prepares the order according to recipe, keeping in mindadditional customer specifications or dietary needs
• Cooks items according to the specified cook times to ensure that they are safe for customer consumption.
• Uses the correct portions when cutting and serving items
• Anticipates peak and non-peak service times; batch cooks food items accordingly
• Responsible for the appearance of food when serving to customers
• Restocks the station with condiments and food product as needed
• Adheres to the weekly/monthly cleaning schedules by completing the assigned tasks
• Cleans and sanitizes work areas, equipment and utensils
• Lifts food pans from warmer to the server line
• Operates and cleans grill station (flat-top grill, char grill, hood vents, fryers, etc.)
• Safely operates a meat slicer and executes proper knife handling

Additional Job Functions:
• Cross-trains at other stations at the location
• Works in other areas or departments as needed
• Completion of any task requested by a Supervisor or member of the Management team.

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