King Estate Tower Club


Special Access

There are wine clubs — and then there are wine clubs. Wine clubs are social, educational, but most essential — the wines themselves: their rare quality, the unique luxury experience of access to wines that are just not otherwise available.

  • 2011-King-Estate-Willamette-Valley-Croft-Pinot-Noir

The Wines

The Tower Club is King Estate’s premier club platform. The best grapes are secured from selected vineyard blocks (including King Estate's home vineyards) by our viticulturists specifically to make these wines in small lots- carefully tended to by our dedicated winemakers. French oak barrels are used for the oak and aging elements, carefully matching the barrel maker and forest to the winemaker’s knowledge of and intuition about the fruit.

Tower Club wines are produced in quantities as limited as 200 cases and 500 cases is typical. Many of these wines will be from a single vineyard and we call these Vineyard Designate wines. Of course, production of such small quantities means these wines will never see a shop shelf or restaurant wine list anywhere but at King Estate.

Release Schedule

All of our wine club tiers are shipped on a Quarterly schedule.









* Our Holiday shipment usually contains a smaller shipment with Holiday specific selection (Large Formats, Sparkling, Bold Reds, Ciders).

Benefits of Membership

If you want great wines, and true exclusivity, the King Estate Tower Club is the best wine club you can join. The wines offered with every release are simply not available anywhere else but the Tower Club and King Estate restaurant. These superb wines are truly made with great care in tiny amounts by skilled King Estate winemakers.

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